Student Publication Workshop

The Revolutionizing American Studies Initiative invites CUNY graduate students working in American studies, broadly construed, to participate in a publication workshop that we are inaugurating in spring 2014 and expect will become a part of our regular programming in years to come.

The objective of the workshop is to encourage and facilitate student research efforts, specifically in terms of the preparation of manuscripts for submission to scholarly journals.  We expect that in the course of the workshop, we will all deepen our understanding of how to formulate compelling research questions, craft appropriate research methodologies, and establish the exigency for the work we undertake.  We hope that this workshop will not only encourage emerging scholars to circulate their work effectively, but that it will also enhance our collective understanding of the formation of intellectual communities both at the Graduate Center and in the academy more broadly, as part of the scholarly endeavor.  We expect to couple this workshop with opportunities to learn from editors from a variety of journals, and to gain insight generally into navigating the academy.

In spring 2014, we plan to hold three workshop sessions.  Students interested in presenting their work at one of these sessions should indicate their interest by submitting the following to Kandice Chuh at by 5pm, Friday, 31 January 2014:

1. A maximum two-page (500 word) description of the project.  This description should include identification of a specific journal or two for which this essay is geared, identify the primary fields and/or discourses it is addressing, and provide a sense of the state of the essay (i.e., drafted but unrevised; in revision after receiving feedback; a dissertation chapter that wants to be an article; and so on).

2. A brief (pithy paragraph) statement of your status in your program and your expected date of degree completion.

3. The name and email address (or other contact information) for an appropriate referee (i.e., the professor for whom an essay was written if it emerged out of seminar; dissertation director; a faculty interlocutor in the field; and so on).  Please be sure to let that referee know that you’re providing us with this information.

The workshop sessions will be scheduled for March and April, with dates to be determined in consultation with presenters.  Everyone is welcome to participate in the workshop discussions themselves, but we will ask for prior registration — details on that to follow.

Please direct questions to Kandice Chuh at

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