RevAmStudies Spring 2014 Calendar

Dear Everyone:

RevAmStudies for the coming months is shaping up!  We hope we’ll see you at some of the events we’re programming, an overview of which is sketched below.
Duncan & Kandice

REVAMSTUDIES Calendar, Spring 2014

> Thursday, 6 March, Segal Theatre, 2-3:30p, seminar on academic freedom (please see for information and readings).

> Thursday, 3 April, Room 3309, 12-2p, Publication Workshop, work by Timothy Griffith and Melissa Phruksachart

> Monday, 28 April, Skylight Room, 4p, Alexandra Vazquez lecture, “Listening to it All At Once”

> Wednesday, 30 April, Room c201/c202, 6:30p, Caleb Smith lecture, “The Oracle and the Curse”

> Thursday, 1 May, Room 3309, seminar with Caleb Smith (readings TBA)

> Monday, 5 May, Room 3309, 12-2p, Publication Workshop, work by Danica Savonick and Dominique Zino

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