Seminar on Academic Freedom, 6 March 2014

Where: Segal Theatre

When: 2-3:30p

This seminar affords the opportunity to think together through academic freedom, the principle and construct that has been much bandied about as of late.  We hope this discussion will allow us to generate a more specific understanding of the ways and means of academic freedom, including its historical dimensions as well as its current deployment. Please join Kandice Chuh, Duncan Faherty, Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Eric Lott, Cindi Katz, Robert Reid-Pharr, and, we hope, many others, for this conversation.

To anchor our conversation in a common text, we’re asking participants to read “Academic Freedom with Violence,” written by Roderick Ferguson and Jodi Melamed (posted to this blog here:

It may also be of interest and helpful to participants to be familiar with the 1940 AAUP Statement of Principles of Academic Freedom and Tenure (, as well as A Guide to Academic Freedom, written by Frederick P. Shaffer, CUNY’s General Counsel (available at


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